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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Old Age!

I, for one, have not seen the north side of midnight since I birthed my last child, and even then I needed a full medical team and IV fluids.

So I'm bright and chirpy this morning! Happy New Year! I hope you rang it in with a bang, or at least without an IV.

Here's the thing about new beginnings: they don't happen much outside the grace of God and plastic surgery. I'm happy to cling to the former, but the latter is not in my future.

Therefore, I witness daily the effects of getting older.

Case in point: I now need glasses.
Looks like I could use a tweezer and some lip gloss too, but I digress.

I now use these babies to read or work on the computer. First, I felt sad because I remembered my beloved elementary school teacher who will remain nameless and how her eyeballs became very small behind glasses so thick, I could see entire rainbow prisms in them when I looked sideways.

But then I felt heartened to know I fit in around here now.
Silver lining. Now maybe people will stop ME in the grocery and tell me I'm cute. Except I can't see humans clearly, just words. So no grocery shopping, unless I detour to the bookstore, which sounds way more fun than groceries anyway.

So you can call me four-eyes now, as in "Happy New Year, Four-Eyes!" I'll totally answer to that, and then I'll squint my eyes and try to see who's talking.


  1. You look adorable! Completely adorable.

  2. Makila beat me to the adorable comment. :) I echo her. You look super adorable in the new specs. Love them. And you and your family. Happy new year!

  3. I think I look like you now.......I have had the easy readers for a year now! It's all good!

  4. I'm the girl with the teensy eyes behind thick lenses, I can't be cute in glasses! You look super cute! :) Clearly we have much to discuss, YES to coffee!!

  5. alot has changed since your elementary teacher had thick glasses. Frames are now cute and I know people who don't need glasses and buy cute frames to wear. After 2 lasik surgeries (2000 and 2001) I had to go back to glasses a couple years ago (not as bad as before lasik). Apparently lasik surgery correction is not a forever thing. Oh well! You look super cute in glasses Kim, and no you are not old!!

    Diane Sexton

  6. You people are so nice to me. Perhaps this kindness only extends to public blog forums but I'll take it! Old people can be desperate for affirmation!

  7. Love the frames! And love a family full of four-eyes! :) I was out with our three and in my glasses once when a little girl pointed and said, "Look, mommy! They are all wearing glasses!" Her poor mom was quickly looking for a rock to hide under, but our kids thought it was awesome.