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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Swagger Wagon

We're moving. Have I mentioned that yet? This is the reason for my mute blog as of late. That and I'm finishing the edits on Operation Bonnet. Oh, friends. I can't wait for you to read this one and it's not just because my livelihood depends on it. It's also because I really think you'll like it. More on that (and the cover image!) coming soon.

In the meantime, I can wield a tape gun like a samurai.

Seriously. I'm fast. There have been a few mishaps, like my left hand having only three fingers now and the time I "accidentally" enclosed Thea in a well-taped box. But otherwise, I'm super great at it.

We're only moving about a mile away from our current residence, which makes people say, "Oh, that's nice. That will be much easier." Those people, though well-intentioned, are on crack. Because we still have to PHYSICALLY MOVE everything to the NEW HOUSE. It's not as if I can, a month from now, stand in the new kitchen and say, "Oh, shoot. Forgot the mixer. I'll just run over and get it on my way to Redbox." First, the mixer will need to move when I do, and second, I'd only know a Redbox by its current listings of animated full-length features. So double depressing errand.

I'm actually thrilled out of my mind to be moving to this particular home. The whole process has been an enormous blessing from start to finish and we are very, very excited to be starting this next chapter of the Stuart Family Escapades. And I'm sure Thea, for one, will be really happy in her new home after I unwrap her on moving day.

Before I try to find a Mitch-sized box, I leave you with this. It appears Marc and I have competition. Swagger on, dear friends. Swagger on.

If you'd like the wide-screen clip, click here. Thanks to Stacey P. for alerting me to this day-making video.