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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girls in the Know Giveaway: K.Noel

One of my favorite byproducts about this whole writing adventure has been getting to meet so many creative women. That and crying with my mom every time we get the first printed copy of one my novels. And when people give me chocolate. And when I get to talk about books and get paid for it.

My name is Kim and I'm a crier.

But one of the best truly has been learning about and from all these wildly talented women who are creating whilst balancing careers, family, pacifiers, poopy diapers, poopy pets and poopy husbands. (I quickly outsource the conversations about poopy husbands.) 

So I think it will be fun to introduce some of these creative girls to you and show you how to get your mitts on what they're making. My friend Kristen Smith of K. Noel is the first up.
Kristen is the cute, feminine one on the right. Her husband, Matthew, is not feminine but he knows everyone and everything, so you might want to keep his name handy as well.

Kristen makes beautiful, modern crocheted lovelies with patience, skill and a great eye for design. Her grandmother taught her to crochet, and K loves to put a fresh spin on an ancient art form. Isn't her stuff cool?!
You and I both know you want these leg warmers, even if they are for children and can't fit over our big toes. WAY too cute.
Can you handle the cute factor of these Mary Jane booties? My booty, for one, is not nearly as cute.
Lucky for us, Kristen has offered to give a pair of Mary Jane booties to one blog reader.

All you need to do is like her Facebook page (facebook.com/k.noelbaby) OR if you are angry at Facebook (no judgement here), comment below. That's it! And the booties can be yours! 

We will draw a name Thursday, January 24, 2013, at high noon, and I'll announce the winner here. And if you are not the winner, take heart! K. Noel will give a 15% discount to orders placed on her Etsy store before March 15. 2013. Enter coupon code kstuart15 for your discount.

Life is good and there are lots of artsy girls in the know, turns out. Kristen is our first but stay tuned because every now and then, free stuff is going to fly around here. 

Now go try win. And buy the leg warmers. 


  1. I already like her Facebook page. I'm that cool! :)

  2. Love her stuff! She and I went to high school together!

  3. Unfortunately, I think all our feet have outgrown baby booties. But I still love K and her wonderful creations! (I already like her fb page.)

  4. So sweet. Her things are amazing. And I already like her page, too. :)