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Thursday, January 31, 2013

'94 Rules!

Remember high school?

Riiiight. Me neither. I'm trying really hard in this moment to remember high school, but I'm afraid all I can remember is big hair and being nervous.
I don't think the hair made me nervous but it certainly couldn't have helped.

I'm getting ready to speak at a youth group convention. There will be about a gazillion (700) teenagers in one room and I am the speaker. For three days.

This is where you should commit to prayer and fasting for me.

I'm sure it will be fine and I have every hope that the guy who booked me won't lose his job as a direct result of his irresponsibility in hiring such a WEIRDO, but in the wee hours, my mind does race.

Remember high school?!

I cannot wait to meet these kids, talk with them, hear their stories, share a bit of mine. I wish I could take my 16-year-old self out for breakfast and let her in on a few secrets. Like that high school doesn't last forever. And what's beyond is much more beautiful and full. And that waiting for the approval of others turns out to be just as much of a colossal waste of time in adulthood as it was in tenth grade. And that liquid blue eyeliner is actually kind of creepy.

What would you say to your high school self, other than to photograph your abs daily because they'll never, ever recover after childbirth?

Words of wisdom? Warnings? Cheers? I'd love to hear.


  1. Oh Kimberly you crack me up! Just wait until you've been out of high school 30+ years. When I look at my yearbooks, it feels like another lifetime and the girl in the photos is someone else.

    Diane Sexton

    1. Diane, I am almost to TWENTY YEARS OUT. And when I look at the photos, I think I am an alien. ;)

  2. I wish you had a picture of your big hair. I would tell myself that the popular people won't be "popular" forever. Oh and I would tell myself to keep dating that cute drummer. Oh wait, I did. :)

    1. Oh, that drummer. Yes, good pick. And as for the big hair, I might be able to scrounge one up to post here.... ;)

  3. I would tell her to seek aunthenticity! To find a mentor who is wise and unabashedly honest. Someone who stands on specific truth, yet has a broad vision. And then listen to her!! :).

    1. So wise, K! I had that mentor in junior high and she saved me so much pain and heartache. I owe her still. In fact, I'm calling her right now to see if I can take her to lunch.

      Now to pray for that same gift for my kids when they hit the rocky waters of junior high and high school...

  4. You'll be great. I'll be praying. :) I would tell my 16 year old self to hang out with her family more because some of them would be gone too soon. Invest in them. Write more letters to your grandma. I would tell her that she is enough. Stop trying to measure up. Love herself. She wouldn't have listened though. ;)

  5. I remember that we had a sub one time in science class and she said, "I want you to remember this...as I watch you out in the halls I realize that never again will I be in the same place with all my friends, seeing them every 60 minutes or so." I still remember that. It was an encouragement to realize high school is just a bubble of time and to make the most of the bubble.