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Monday, March 18, 2013

We Are Family

 Take a gander at this lovely girl.
My niece. Jada Rae. So stinking cute, it's nearly painful.

I adore her, as I do her mama, her daddy, and her brother. Jada is recovering from a big-dog surgery she underwent last week to repair her cleft palate.
I am in awe of smart doctors and their moxie to fix a tiny mouth by putting it all back together. I am in awe of my little sister, who has big faith and a peace that passes our human understanding. I am in awe of Jada and her courage, her resiliency and her willingness to sip strained yogurt through a straw, all on the road to recovery. And of course, absolutely, with knees and heart bowed, I am in awe of the God who knit Jada together to begin with and who now holds her tiny hands in His while she waits for full healing.

God is big. I am very, very tiny. Oh, how He loves us.

Love you, sweet girl. You'll be scarfing Cheerios and shooting hoops with your brother again in no time.


  1. Both of those kiddos are adorable. Can I tell you how much I love your family? And that I still, on occasion, go back to your Christmas photo shoot blog post for a good laugh. I really do.