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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Fashion 2013

Because I love you, I have gone ahead and condensed a spring fashion guide right here, right now. You may write me a thank-you note. But please only do so if you are wearing one of these featured ensembles.

First we have the ever-beloved crotch pant. 
 Because we all have great reasons for accentuating that particular part of the body.

Next up, the day-glo pink evening gown with chandelier embellishment.
 I know the model looks angry but really she loves this dress and can't wait to wear it to....lots of places.

Next, for those days when you want to feel anonymous:
 (Extra credit question: Are there many real, life humans who wear ankle boots well? I fear my ankles look like stuffed sausages, so I'm not exactly excited to draw the eye to that region. Anyone?)

This photo makes the cut just for the hat. Please, please buy this hat and wear it to church and volunteer in the nursery. 
Finally, we have the best spring fashion tip ever: Wear your crown in public.
Take it off that top shelf in your closet and wear that thing! Stop hiding under a bushel, princess. Put on that red jeweled dress with the holes and crown it up!

I hope this clarifies all those confusing messages from the fashion world. Go in peace! Stuff those ankles in! And rock the crown!


  1. As Gracelyn would say. WEIRD!

  2. Thank you so much! That really clears things up for my spring wardrobe! I will be the best dressed first lady in Indiana...with a crown, of course!

  3. Now I know just what to pack for my trip tomorrow-- your blog arrived just in time!

  4. I'm so happy to help! Cecily, I would assume you'd already packed your crown, but don't forget the ankle boots and the crown. Crowns are a MUST this season. Bedazzle the world!


  5. We are just getting ready to leave for Left Coast Crime in Colorado so we are so happy you've clarified for us what we need to pack! We're on two panels. Do you think the crown is appropriate for both? Or hat for one, crown for the other? :-)

  6. Good gracious, Sparkle Abbey. I am so glad I caught you in time!

    Yes, to the crown and yes, to the floppy hat. And I would hope you found ones that coordinated colors and gemstones.

    Left Coast Crimes indeed! I am happy to help you avoid committing grievous ones in the name of fashion.

    Have a great trip, ladies. You rock. ;)

  7. This made me laugh out loud! :) Hilarious.