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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hope Springs Eternal

Is it over yet?
This is the disheartening visual of my attempt to ascend our driveway this morning after taking Ana to school. I didn't make it. After schlepping Thea in my arms up to the house, her fingers a death-grip on my coat as I slipped and slid, I felt it was time to (A) e-mail this photo to Marc, who is out of town with Mitch visiting Marc's parents in a warmer climate and (B) come to you all, my friends hither and yon, for some encouragement.

Several times this winter, friends have gently encouraged me to buy a sun lamp to train on my sad, pale face and give it the Vitamin D (and cheeriness) it so desperately needs. I will not because I am vain and don't want to end up like this. 
But I did pray OUT LOUD and WITH MUCH FERVOR this morning for God to please bring spring and soon. 

While I wait, can we compile a list of the things we anticipate most about spring? Humor me. 

Here are my top five:

1. Strawberries
2. Tulips
3. Walks in the neighborhood wearing only a light coat and not enough fabric to swath the Statue of Liberty.
4. Open windows!
5. Family bike rides where no one ends up sobbing, grumpy or disoriented after all the exertion. Okay, that one might be shooting the moon, but hope keeps us going, right?

And you? What's on your list?


  1. Great list, Kim!
    Some of my faves...
    Grilling out.
    Hanging out outside, on the deck.
    Seeing my neighbors come out of hibernation.
    Green grass and flowers!!!
    Where is the SUN!???? I miss the SUN.

  2. I couldn't agree more about ditching the winter duds and taking walks in the neighborhood.

    Pella tulips and the farmers markets are high on my list of spring joys.

  3. Tulips are my favorite. Spring shoes!!!! Putting away snow pants and boots.

  4. oh AMEN to all of it! I slide down the drive almost into traffic this morning! Geesh, WE NEED SPRING!

  5. oops wrong tense, please don't judge oh so wonderful writer kim!

  6. 1. Running outside
    2. Riding bikes
    3. Asparagus
    4. Rhubarb
    5. Sending the kids outside to play without 25 minutes of getting dressed

    Ian- age 8 (#1,2) and Rachel-age 36 (#3,4,5)

  7. On the top of my list is catching up with laundry! Did you ever notice how much less space t-shirts and shorts take up in the washing machine verses big, bulky sweaters and pants--and all the layers that go under said sweaters and pants. And multiply that by 5 people! I can't wait until spring, when I might finally see the bottom of my laundry basket again!!

  8. Yes, yes, and yes, to each and every one.

    After I posted this, I went to shovel the minivan out of the driveway, fell hard and hurt my elbow and tush.


    I thought of a few more as my elbow throbbed:

    ~Not having to push a cart full of groceries through slush and snow.
    ~Feeling my toes again.
    ~Ballet flats.

    Press on, friends. I'm right there with you.

  9. Freezing my tutu off in sympathy over in Tulipland (Netherlands) (where they are sadly NOT in evidence, except at flower stands (not in gardens). I look forward to forsythia, violets, lilies of the valley, and many, many fewer garments. Let's keep our fingers crossed (notice that I didn't advocate holding our breath). -Cecily

  10. 1. Cute pedicures that won't be covered by boots
    2. Flip Flops