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Friday, February 15, 2013

Shout-out for the Mamas

Listen, moms of little ones. I've been thinking about you lately.
I've been talking with some of you and have remembered well and anew the complete exhaustion of being the source of most things in the house. Food source, holding-in-tired-arms source, help-me-to-sleep source, clean-my-tush source...The grand pumba. The big cheese. The very, very tired big cheese.
I want you to know there is light at the end of the tired tunnel. You'll still be tired but you won't feel like crying all the time. You'll be able to shave both legs in one day. You'll be able leave the house in less time than it took for Columbus to stumble upon America. You'll go out on a date with your husband and won't have to wedge the time between feedings. Plus, you'll be less scary on your date because you'll be able to stay awake AND find an outfit that doesn't have bodily fluids/baby puke on it.  
I just want you to know you're doing great. You may not have brushed your teeth today, or emptied the dishwasher in a week, or worn a bra that is not lumpy and snappable in months, but you're doing great. I admire you. I know how you feel. And I salute you. Great work, Mama. That baby is a sweet, sweet gift, and YOU, my friend, are a gift to your child. That little one is nothing short God-made, and YOU, my friend, are the God-made keeper of that blessing. It is entirely okay that you have days when you merely hope no one gets arrested. Tomorrow will probably be better. 

You're doing great. Godspeed, dear girl. I'm just one step down the road, totally impressed with you and cheering you on.

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  1. Well said, Kim-- and a hug to all you struggling Mamas from the rest of us who have been there and done that and are now cheering you on from the peanut gallery!

  2. Thank you Kimberly. My baby is 6 almost 7 but experiences special needs. I feel as you described above on MOST days! ha! ha! Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. So sweet! Loved this and thanks for the encouragement sis!

  4. Passed this on to mom I just spoke to this afternoon...this is what I wanted tot tell her and you said it perfectly, Kim! As always!