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Monday, February 18, 2013

Love and Marriage

I am married to a fantastic man.

He is patient with me. I can freak a person out, I assure you. And he has never left, even when I'm positive he wanted to at least take a side trip to Missouri. Or Tahiti. 

We've been married for fourteen years of glory, since we were twelve.
I have been asked on more than one occasion if I married Marc before he was legally an adult. I want to set the record straight here and assure you he had already voted in two presidential elections. 

But we were definitely very young. And clueless. Which is why it's all the sweeter that God gave him to me and me to him. Clueless beginnings ushered in real, good, difficult, deep and beautiful life and I am the luckiest of lucky to have Marc by my side. He makes me laugh, he thinks I'm pretty, and he loves my children with a stubborn, ferocious love.

He gave all our children a genetic cocktail that will provide for our ophthalmologist's children to attend the colleges of their choice.
Also, he always has Band-Aids, Purell, five water bottles, and floss. The man is nothing if not prepared.
Fourteen years of awesome. I love you, Marc. Thanks for sticking around.

P.S. Tune in Wednesday for the next Girls in the Know giveaway!


  1. it is fantastic that you are celebrating 14 years. a blessing. Happy Anniversary.

  2. congrats... You have a beautiful love story. :)

  3. Love that I knew you both when you were twelve...or something like that! Congrats & hugs to both of you. -Maren

  4. Wow that is awesome that you have been married for 14 years (and going!)! It's amazing how God gives us that right man!

  5. Some things are meant to be... and some things work out just right. Glad you have both. Treasure him, as it appears he does you, and hang on. It'll be a grand ride, I promise!

  6. Tears in my eyes. I adore you both. May God give you many more years together.

  7. Thanks for the well wishes everybody! I'd better tell Marc he's on here today. ;) He'll blush.

    Happy freezing cold Monday!

  8. Congratulations you child bride you! And to your Prince Charming as well.