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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Shopping Idea Zone

I know you're all uber organized and that you don't need any help in this department. In the off chance, however, that you are still looking for that little something special for the loved ones gathering around the tree this Christmas, I took it upon myself to be helpful. Take a looksy and you can thank me later.

1. His and Her watches. So cute! So artsy! So budget-friendly!
Wouldn't Marc just love a blue animal skin band with a moon on the face? He totally would! And he will love it that these two beauts only put us out $1,090,000! Such a steal for a little over a million. Plus, the watches come with two business-class tickets to Paris and Geneva, where we can watch the watch people MAKE watches like this. I, for one, would not wear this timepiece in economy seating. Eww.

2. Broadway, here I come!
I have long, long dreamed of playing Annie. Before today, that dream could have been fulfilled in Des Moines community theater, or even a moldy church basement. But now! I know I don't need to think so small. For a small investment of $30,000, I can be in the stinking Broadway show! In New York! On Broadway! I will use only exclamation points when speaking of my theater debut! Plus, I get six tickets to the show, perfect for Marc, my children and my parents, all of whom will need to bring me roses and shout "Brava!" when I "accidentally" trip the lead little witch actress and start belting "Tomorrow!" !!! and !!!! You're only a day (and 30K) away!

3. Jet pack (duh).
I feel almost embarrassed to be stating the obvious, but a Jet Lev R200 is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. This particular model is even better than the one you got for high school graduation, clocking in at 32 mph for a top speed and shooting your lithe and smiling body a good 30 feet in the air whenever the heck you feel like it. And I challenge you to find anything else that can propel you skyward in your swimsuit and not leave you maimed or paralyzed for only $99,500.

Hope this helps. Only 21 shopping days left!

All photos and real life prices courtesy of Neiman Marcus.


  1. You make me laugh....every time

  2. Love the ideas! This will be so helpful for those on my Christmas list! The Broadway show is perfect since I have no shortage of drama queens in my life!! And I know the 7 year old grandson would flip over the Jet Pack(as would his parents)!!!
    BTW, enjoying Operation Bonnet!

  3. Thanks, Susan. I never make my kids laugh, so I'm glad you feel differently.

    Marge, please do keep us updated on the Jet Pack purchase. Please don't let the trail lead to me. Also, thanks for your happy comment on Operation Bonnet. Glad you like it. ;)

  4. Now I feel like a fool. I only bought ONE of the watches... didn't know you could get TWO for that price!

  5. I am laughing out loud. So awesome.

    Sorry I didn't get to you in time. Next year you'll be a more savvy consumer.