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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Run the Race

I ran a 5K this fall.

And here is why I'm bringing it up: Remember Lolo Jones? Super fit, fast as an antelope, stunningly beautiful?

I looked NOTHING like her when I was running.

For one thing, my new pants kept falling down. The weather had just changed to cool and my summer running gear wasn't going to work, so I dug into my drawer and found a great pair of shiny black Lycra pants that were AWESOME when I wore them at Des Moines Christian track meets in JUNIOR HIGH. I am not telling a falsehood here: I have had those pants since the early 80s. Will someone please tell me to go shopping?

Well, I sure did, people, and I sure did buy a pair of cute little just-below-the-knee running pants without trying them on. And I sure did feel smug for avoiding the hassle of a fitting room. And I sure did have to hike those pants up for the first mile of the race before I sweated enough for them to stick without assistance.

Do you think Lolo's pants fall down? No, no they do not.

Of course, if you think you'll get me to wear one of these little streamlined briefs anywhere but in a dark closet, you're off your rocker.

I finished, and I wasn't the last one, which was my goal. In fact, Marc was trash talking a little bit on my behalf and very proud that his wife "smoked" our local news anchor, who is rounding the corner to 60 years of age but still kicking it on the pavement. Take THAT, Kevin Cooney.

I made it. And I'm here to tell all you moms who don't look like Lolo or charm like Kevin, you can do it too. YOU CAN DO IT. Lace up those shoes and get your run on. I would merely recommend trying on your pants before the gun goes off.


  1. Two posts in a week?!?! ♥(insert happy sigh here)♥

  2. Did you know that Lolo Jones is now on a bobsled team? (no joke)....hmmmm wonder what the winter months hold for you! Better dust off your snow pants! ha! ha!

  3. I think I need to come over and clean out your drawers. Why didn't you bring those to CR?

  4. I did, Makila. I wore them as defense against the bats. Even bats know to stay away from 1982 Spandex/Lycra blend.

  5. This story is too good not to include my own 5k story from this weekend!! Ask me what place I came in? It starts with an l and ends with an ast. My hip was rolling out of socket, which lead to walking almost the whole thing, which lead to a big ole finish. It's ok though, I was sporting my Visiting Orphans shirt with Yumay and Jorgo around my neck. They told me it was cool. So way to go Kim..... you didn't come in last like your travel buddy.